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Is Rush Limpdick really this fucktarded?

Rush Limpdick is a racist fucktard

Rush Limpdick is a racist fucktard

Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing radio heavyweight declared on his program Wednesday that the United States needed to return to racially segregated buses.

Referring to an incident in which a white student was beaten by black students on a bus, Limbaugh said: “I think the guy’s wrong. I think not only it was racism, it was justifiable racism. I mean, that’s the lesson we’re being taught here today. Kid shouldn’t have been on the bus anyway. We need segregated buses — it was invading space and stuff. This is Obama’s America.”

A full transcript of Limbaugh’s comments on his radio show is available at

via Raw Story

At what point are all the reasonable people going to stand up to the disgusting racist feces being slung about by the “conservative” movement? The mainstream media needs to get off their collective arses and expose this shit for what it is: racist, violent and morally wrong. Quit hiding behind the guise of “balance”. Sometimes the other side is just plain wrong!

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If I were in charge, I’d fire Pat Buchanan

I am still amazed at the depths of racism in this country. One of the best side effects of electing Barack Obama is that the GOP has decided to finally reveal itself as what it truly is: a bunch of racist rednecks, drunk on power, incapable of recognizing reality even if she sat on their face and wiggled. What kind of person can hire Pat Buchanan and still look at themselves in the mirror? He’s always been a douchebag, but now he just comes right out and admits that he’s a racist. Here’s a sample of his eloquence:

White men were 100% of the people that wrote the Constitution, 100% of the people that signed the Declaration of Independence, 100% of the people who died at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, probably close to 100% of the people who died at Normandy. This has been a country built basically by white folks, who were 90% of the nation in 1960 when I was growing up and the other 10% were African-Americans who had been discriminated against. That’s why.

Watch Rachel not give an inch to this fucking moron.

Rachel, you’re a better person than I am to not try to reach through the monitor and rip is fucking head off.

ht: Atheist Revolution

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Calling them out

This post by Sara over at Orcinus hits the nail squarely on the head. Sometimes I have to wonder if a certain political party has been hit squarely on the head as well.

Dear Conservatives:

Your fellow Americans demand an answer — and we want it now. Just one simple question:

Are you deliberately trying to start a civil war?

Just answer the question. Yes or no. Don’t insult us with elisions, evasions, dithering, qualifications, or conditional answers. We need to know what your intentions are — and we need to know NOW. People are being shot dead in the streets of America at the rate of several per month now. You may not want responsibility for this — but the whackadoodles pulling the triggers make no bones about who put them up to this.

You did.

Damn straight. This shit’s starting to get scary out there. I talked a while back about the possibility of Civil War v2.0. Are we witnessing the next Fort Sumter? Canada’s looking better and better. Ok, not really. Too damn cold. But you know what I mean.

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Murder for Jesus, save a fetus

I’m reposting this in its entirety because I feel that it is extremely important to expose this kind of vileness  to the light of day and force people to be responsible for inciting and rejoicing in murder. By now you’ve probably already heard about the murder of Dr. Tiller in Kansas. Apparently, being a physician who performs abortions is a good reason to be shot down. It wasn’t the first attempt on his life either. In 1986 a bomb was placed on the roof of his clinic, and in 1993 he was shot in both arms outside his clinic but returned to work after recovering from his injuries. This time he won’t be returning anywhere.

Here’s what the sick fucks that call them selves “pro-life” have to say about the taking of his life, via Carnal Nation:

One side effect of twitter is that the stupid, bigoted, comments people used to make at the water cooler now get preserved for future employers to find using google.

A small sample of the hatred expressed on twitter after the assassination of Dr Tiller.

  • Crap, I always forgot hashtags. I’m happy Tiller’s dead. – Jennifer Waite, Selah, Washington
  • UPDATE… Doctor George Tiller was aborted today in his 204th trimester – aren’t paybacks a bitch – Punch
  • oh HAPPY DAY! Tiller the baby killer is DEAD! – Samantha Pelch
  • George Tiller the baby killer was shot dead this morning. God bless the gunmen who hopefully won’t be caught. – readnwatchchris, Creedmor. NC
  • was George Tiller the baby killers brain scrambled the way he scrambled full term fetuses.. one can only hope – Brad S
  • Infamous baby killer George Tiller gunned down at (irony) church. Why do I not feel sorry for him? Have fun at Judgment Day. – James Fiddler
  • tiller the baby killer shot dead…wow. is it insensitive of me to say what goes around comes around? – Brad M. Negulescu Cleveland.
  • George Tiller the Baby Killer shot dead. May he rot in Hell. – Amy Strong
  • Tiller Baby Killer was shot and killed this morning Justice has been served. – Shirl Ledeux
  • Thinking about “Tiller the baby killer” He now knows the wages of sin is death. – Dianne McDowell
  • May Tiller rot in Hell , infanticide is the murder of babies, he WAS a provider of death like Hitler, Bundy the list goes on…. – Dennis, A People Voip Company
  • Burn in hell George Tiller – mikedanben Sparta, NJ (41.005501,-74.672)
  • No need to pray for George Tiller. We know he went straight to hell!!!!! – Laurie D. Bailey Olive Branch, MS
  • Good ridence to Tiller – babies will not be murdered because he is now gone. Wonder how he likes hell! – Jay Emess, Southern, NJ
  • Karma is a beautiful thing. Cheers to the hero who sent George Tiller where he belongs… straight to hell. – Matthew Kamar
  • omg!george tiller abortion dr. was killed n his church parkn lot! hell yea! – Sarah Gulick, Wtichita, Ks
  • George Tiller: Burning in Hell for the last three hours. – darthdilbert Kettering, Oh
  • Hmm, I know it’s wrong, but I feel like the Late-Term Abortion Doctor George Tiller, got what was he deserved….. – Mary Keogh London England
  • Boom Boom Boom. George Tiller was served a very very late term abortion this morning. – Chad Coleman, coeur d’alene, Id

The Twitter search “Geroge Tiller” OR #Tiller was running at about one tweet per second for the last two hours.  The overwhelming majority of tweets from both sides of the abortion issue expressed horror at the assassination of Dr Tiller.

If you are as outranged as we are by this senseless assassination please donate to Planned Parenthood in honor of Dr Tiller.

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Teabagging makes the mainstream

Nothing like rightwingnuts to get my panties in a wad. All this teabagging has got me all excited. David Shuster nailed it with this quote:

The people who came up with it are a familiar circle of Republicans, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, both of whom have firm support from right wing financiers and lobbyists. … We can only speculate why widespread tea bagging made [Neil] Cavuto think of the Million Man march, unless he got them confused with Dick Armey. And in Cavuto’s defense, if you are planning simultaneous tea bagging all around the country, you’re going to need a Dick Armey.

David Shuster for the double-entendre win! Watch the video:

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Don’t let us down this early

I mean, you’re going to let us down at some point, Mr. President-elect. You’re human. It’s inevitable. But you don’t have to do it this soon! I mean, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as head of the EPA? How much more anti-science can you get than an antivaccine wingnut and a thimerosal /mercury conspiracy theorist?

As Orac points out:

…he has been launching despicable attacks against anyone who dares to call him for his antivaccine winguttery, accusing them of “hating mothers,” all the while cherry-picking studies, conspiracy-mongering, and ignoring the great mass of evidence that does not support his viewpoint.

So what’s the big deal? you say. EPA doesn’t deal with vaccines.

True enough. But RFK, Jr. has demonstrated himself on this issue not only to be prone to dubious science, but to have become a true believer in one of the most outrageous and dangerous forms of pseudoscience out there: antivaccinationism, or vaccine rejectionism. If you’re trying to build an administration ostensibly devoted to using the best science as the basis for public policy, and the EPA is one agency where that is incredibly important, you do not want someone who is so prone to pseudoscience and promoting misinformation not just when it comes to mercury in vaccines, but when it comes to the very area where he claims expertise, the environment, where he blames Katrina on global warming, for instance (not even Al Gore does that). Indeed, his assaults on fact and science are legendary, right up to describing the small Cuyahoga River fire (which lasted only 30 minutes and was never caught on film) as “exploding in colossal infernos.” Apparently, any “science” is good to him, as long as it appears to support his agenda. Add to that his “not in my backyard” hypocrisy in opposing wind power proposal off of Martha’s Vineyard, and it’s hard for me to comprehend how Obama could consider him for a post even for a moment.

Let us at least pretend that we’ve got a pro-science president for a little while longer. *sigh* I guess the political machine wears you down quickly. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that he’ll change his mind. Stranger things have been known to happen.

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