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Veteran’s Day

This is the same thing I posted on my Tumblr

My father was an Army Specialist during Vietnam. His father was a Corpsman in the Pacific during WWII. My grandfather’s ship was sunk and he was taken prisoner. He survived a little stroll known as the Bataan Death March. Regardless of my own personal dislike of the way the corrupt political machine running the USA uses the military, I fully support the individual soldiers and recognise the tremendous sacrifice they’ve made. I hope that a day such as Veteran’s Day would be used to honor their service and to promote the cause of better health care and treatment of those soldiers returning from service, both physical and mental. Our government sent these people to the brutality of war, it is only right that they do everything they can to support them once they return.

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Be Cool: See the Forefathers on Saturday

A bit short notice, but I just got the email:

Come join the The Forefathers this Saturday, July 25th, for the “Christmas in July” event at Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse

Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse was recently reviewed (quite positively!) by the Orlando Sentinel

Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse is located at 911 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803 (just North of Marks St.)

The Forefathers will be performing Holiday Music and the band’s own originals (some featured on National Public Radio) from 7-9PM.  The event starts at 5PM.

Really good music, really good coffee, really good people. If you’re near O-town, I encourage you to check it out.

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Erin go bragh!

I can legitimately lay claim to this holiday. I’m at least 1/8 Irish. Or is that 1/16? I can’t figure out this genetics stuff. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. I like Ireland. And I’ve actually been fortunate enough to have visited there. Not that I’m bragging, but it directly relates to this post and this holiday. What the hell am I babbling about? Let me try again…

In the spring of 2000 the Godess and I went on holiday to England and Ireland (and we spent the night in Wales, but does Wales really count?) As a result of a complete fluke of scheduling, we ended up driving across the width of Ireland, from Galway to Dublin, on St. Patrick’s Day! This was way cool. We drove across the gorgeous contryside and through a number of small towns, many of which were decked out for the holiday. In one town, we even had to stop and wait for the parade to finish going through the one main road through the village. Not that we minded. The awesomeness of driving across Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day elevated us above any petty frustrations at traffic delays.

So this holiday has a special place in my heart. Not only because of my imense Irish genetic heritage, but because we discovered that it is a real holiday. It’s not some Hallmark bs holiday (although there are certainly elements of that) but a real celebration actually enjoyed in Ireland. Being a generic Anglo-Saxon mutt, it is sometimes difficult to find aspects of my cultural origins to be excited about, but this one is pretty cool.

So forget all that mythical garbage about snakes and saints, put on your green skivvies and hoist a drink for Ireland (and for me)!

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It’s a holly, bloggy xmas

I have a great deal of admiration for those that can write in verse. I, myself, am generally poetry-impaired. Luckily for me (and now you too) one of my readers has summarized my last blog post in song. I just had to share. Go check out what the Perky Skeptic has created to celebrate the holiday season!!!


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tis the season

I’m crazy busy trying to get ready for a trip that I should be ready for already. Yay procrastination 😛

Friday I board a plane for Colorado so I can spend the waning days of 2008 in sub-zero comfort. So in the absence of any insightful or humorous commentary, I’ll simply provide you with links to all the stuff that I’ve found recently that I either wanted to comment on or blog about. Poor substitute for my usual witty reparte, but it will have to do until I clear out the mental clutter and can focus on what’s really important: teh intertubes!

Dammit, there goes my theme for my next party: What’s the difference between a mad scientist and a terrorist?

PZ speculating on the motivations of legislators: Maybe they’re protecting us from the threat of the Grinch

’cause it’s a total no-brainer –
How Britain learnt to love the Pill

Two connected pieces from Greta Christina:
Being an Atheist in the Queer Community
How To Be An Ally with Atheists

US Army: Soldiers of god – Ed Brayton has a piece revealing some scary evangelism in the military: MRFF’s Latest Discovery

In the “c’mon, seriously?” category: Burglar: I Was Held Captive By Ghost For 3 Days
Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied

The Atheist Revolution reveals the true origin of “Happy Holidays” and the supposed “War on Christmas”: “Happy Holidays” – Deal With It

An oldie but a goodie: 10 myths—and 10 Truths—About Atheism

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Christmas Spirit (or lack thereof)

I wanted to post this yesterday but due to technical difficulties (i.e. the Colbert Nation site having the wrong video posted) it got delayed until today.

Nation, when it comes to pointing out the dangers of atheism and the horrors of the secularization of society, no one does it better than Stephen Colbert. Check it out (approx. 3:05 into the clip).

Time to get started on our holiday letter 😉

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Some thankfulness

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, so naturally thoughts turn towards self-reflection and thankfulness. One particular thing stands out this year. My sister-in-law is currently sitting in a hospital bed, 35 weeks pregnant, about to undergo an amniocentesis to determine if the baby’s lungs are developed enough to be delivered.

I am thankful that we live in a time where science, and particularly medicine, has developed to the point where a potentially life-threatening situation can be averted. I realize there are lots of valid concerns about the rate of c-sections and other interventions in birth; concerns which I share and have been vocal about. But what it really comes down to is that we all want our mothers to give birth to a healty baby in the safest way possible.

I am thankful that we have enlightened midwives, home-birth advocates, lactivists and others championing the cause of the mother and baby. And I am also thankful for a sophisticated and advanced medical establishment that can, in many cases, snatch life from the jaws of death and provide a net to catch those that would otherwise fall.

So to my sister-in-law, who will be sitting in the hospital this Thanksgiving, I give thanks that you are alive and well and for the minor miracles of technology that let you listen to that tiny little heart beating inside the tiny little being inside of you. I’m thankful that I am fortunate enough to be able to visit you this christmas and to meet my little niece.

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Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter!!!

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Happy Birthday?

Well, I made an attempt at creating a happy birthday for my wife today. My son had come up with the idea to make Mommy a cake. And it had to have cherries in it. So I found a fairly simple recipe for a cherry upside-down cake. Made it last night and it didn’t turn out too badly. Today, I came home early, popped the cake in the oven to warm, and ran to my mother-in-law’s to pick up my son so that we could surprise mommy. Things got crazy, we didn’t go straight home. I just forgot one little thing. I left the cake in the oven. This was the result.

Oh, well. Happy birthday, little darlin’. Love ya’.


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