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Ahem. Now that I’ve gotten your attention (and I know I made y’all look), let me explain. Very few people can claim to not like boobies. Men and women both generally appreciate a nice rack. At least the men and women I hang out with do. YMMV.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, boobies. Boobies are a precious commodity that deserve to be preserved and kept at their peak operational condition. Unfortunately, that bitch breast cancer doesn’t want us to enjoy boobies. She takes twisted pleasure in destroying lives one boob at a time. I’m anthropomorphizing, but you get the idea. Everyone likes boobies; no one likes breast cancer.


So let’s do something about it. There are already a great number of organizations out there fighting the good fight to save those precious boobies. Doctors and scientists and fundraisers are all working hard so that every teenage boy or girl gets a chance to cop that first feel while awkwardly making out with that cutie that they finally got up the courage to ask out on a date.

boobiewednesdayLet’s help those organizations out. Let’s raise awareness of breast cancer. Let’s raise money to fight breast cancer. And the best way I can think to do that is to follow the example of the lovely @boobiewed, @shimmer418 and @honey_is_evil and show our boobies! Everyone should participate in Boobie Wednesday(#boobiewed) by changing their avatar or profile pic to a nice set of boobies. It doesn’t have to be graphic; a tasteful shot of cleavage will do. And don’t leave the men out; we want to see moobs too! Men can get breast cancer too.



Educate yourself on what breast cancer is. Go to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ( and check out their “How To Help” section.

The point is to draw attention to the cause. And also to raise money. So visit sites of organizations working hard to save boobies, like NBCF andKomen for the Cure. Unfortunately I just missed the 2009 Boobiethon, but it’s never too early to start getting ready for next year! And please stop by the official Boobie Wednesday store where all profits will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Take action. Show your boobies. Because a nice rack is a terrible thing to waste.

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These made me giggle

Just a few of the search terms people use to find my little corner of teh intertubes:

  • porno
  • cool shit
  • really cool shit science
  • fuck duck
  • horses ass

I wonder if the person searching for “cool shit” was the same one looking for “really cool shit science”. Perhaps they were refining their query parameters?

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I’ve Been Ambushed!

Dragon*Con has snuck up on me like a kitteh ninja. I am completely unprepared. And there’s a major change in plans: the Goddess and the lizardlings are staying home. I’m going all by my lonesome. So if you see a dumpy geek with scraggly facial hair wandering around looking lonely it’s probably me. Actually, that description probably applies to a large number of DC attendees. Never mind.

I’ll probably be hanging around the Skeptrack panels, hoping to run in to some of y’all that I only know electronically. The Goddess wants me to run into Gareth David-Lloyd and give him a big kiss from her. Somehow I don’t really see that happening.

So, who else is going? Let me know or else I’ll be walking up to random strangers and say, “Hey, I’m the CyberLizard. Do you read me?” That could get awkward. Then again, there will be grown men wandering around in Pikachu costumes hitting on scantily clad super heroines.  That gives me +20 on my Normality saving throw!

At least I'm not this guy
At least I’m not this guy…
...hitting on these girls
…hitting on these girls

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Totally WTF (but watch it anyway because it’s awesome)

Um… just… yeah… That’s all I got. I sooooo hope this is coming out on the Wii.

Brought to you via Chris Hardwick, Nerdist

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Anablog – A Collision of Two Worlds!

Just something loopy I’m doing. Crappy pics, I know, but I’ve only got my iPhone with me. Click to embiggen. Transcript coming soon.

How retro!

How retro!

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Be Cool: See the Forefathers on Saturday

A bit short notice, but I just got the email:

Come join the The Forefathers this Saturday, July 25th, for the “Christmas in July” event at Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse

Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse was recently reviewed (quite positively!) by the Orlando Sentinel

Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse is located at 911 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803 (just North of Marks St.)

The Forefathers will be performing Holiday Music and the band’s own originals (some featured on National Public Radio) from 7-9PM.  The event starts at 5PM.

Really good music, really good coffee, really good people. If you’re near O-town, I encourage you to check it out.

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Out on the town

The kids have a sitter and the Goddess and I are heading out for an evening of fun and frolic. Probably not too much frolic, I’m not really a frollicer. Is that how you spell it? (UPDATE: The Goddess says I’m supposed to add a ‘k’ and make it ‘frollicker’) We’ve got tickets for the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter flick so we’re leaving early and making a whole night of it. Dinner at The Melting Pot (mmmmm, fondue), hanging out with friends, a movie; an actual date! I’ll be live blogging the event… wait, I’m being informed that I will NOT be live blogging. That’s right, I’ll be tweeting… what, no tweeting either? Oh. Apparently the powers that be (i.e. The Goddess) have determined that the iPhone will be spending the night deep in a pocket. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll have a good time anyway.

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Why can’t we have naked cyclists in Florida?

Apparently Oregon gets all the fun kooks while Florida is stuck with the fundegelical wackaloons. No fair! C’mon ladies and gentlemen, let it all hang out for peace!

I can’t help but be reminded of this:

Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today
So look out for those beauties oh yeah

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