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My little contribution to Draw Muhammed Day 2.0

In case you’re wondering what this is all about, Hemant Mehta, aka the Friendly Atheist, has a good summary.

We do it because we have a right to free speech, and there are people out there who want to make sure a drawing of Muhammad never sees the light of day.

We do because religious figures don’t automatically deserve special respect and they’re not immune from criticism. Too often, we treat religion and religious beliefs with baby gloves. Drawing Muhammad is one way to show — non-violently — that Islam ought to be susceptible to criticism just like every other belief system.

We do it because people have been threatened and killed by Muslim radicals for their depictions of Muhammad and criticism of Islam — by drawing Muhammad ourselves, we stand in solidarity withthem.

We do it because Muhammad was drawn for centuries before it somehow became “offensive” to some. There was nothing wrong with it then and there’s nothing wrong with it now.

We do it because people are now getting censored — sometimes ridiculously so — out of fear of what the extremists will do. The radicals should not have this kind of control over the right to express ourselves freely.

We do it in support of Molly Norris, who had to change her whole identity after merely suggestingthat we draw Muhammad.

So here’s my tiny contribution to the effort 🙂

Sorry muslims, your prophet is in another castle!

Sorry muslims, your prophet is in another castle!


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