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Dragon*Con 2009 Recap

So I went to this little shin-dig in Atlanta last weekend; a little something called Dragon*Con!

Per their web site:

Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the US.

In other words, it’s a geek nexus, where Star Trek redshirts rub elbows with Star Wars stormtroopers while steampunkers and vampires look on. It’s loaded with tons of panels covering everything from Hello Kitty/Wolverine mashup fanfiction to how to make your Twilight sparkle more realistic. The panels are organized into tracks covering common topics. But even more cool is that there are tracks covering science fact as well as science fiction. Robotics, science and space were some of the covered areas.



The track where I spent most of my time, however, was the Skeptrack, featuring panels made up of such skeptical luminaries as Dr. Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy blog), Dr. Pamela Gay (here’s her summary of the con) and the Dr’s Novella of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe.  The Skepchicks were well represented, as well as a bunch of other awesome bloggers and podcasters.

I decided to start the trip off right by going out the day before Dragon*Con started and attending a Star Party hosted by Dr’s Phil Plait and Pamela Gay. It was held at the Bradley Observatory on the Agnes Scott College campus. The event was sponsored by the Atlanta Skeptics benefiting the American Cancer Society. The fundraiser was in honor of Jeff Medkeff, also known as the Blue Collar Scientist. Jeff succumbed to liver cancer in August 2008.

Through this blogging thing and hanging out on Twitter, I’ve gotten to virtually know quite a few people, several of whom were attending Dragon*Con. It was at this party that I got to meet my first virtual friend in person;

Surly Amy!

Surly Amy!

Surly Amy of the Skepchicks! After finally managing to screw up my confidence to the point where I could overcome an acute attack of social anxiety, I was able to introduce myself. Fortunately, I survived the traumatic experience of speaking to people and went on to have a great time. It was terrific to see Amy’s jewelry in person. I got to hear fantastic talks by Dr. Plait and Dr. Gay and then I got to see Jupiter for the first time with my own eyeball through a telescope. I could even see the cloud bands! How cool is that?

The next few days were an exercise in complete sensory overload. All memories are getting mushed together. I was prepared for this, however, and took notes summarizing what I did.

But you’ll have to come back tomorrow to hear more exciting tales of CyberLizard at Dragon*Con!


Very Brief Dragon*Con Update

Sometimes I think that work is sentient. How else would it know to wait until the day I get back to start slamming me? Between recovering from jet-lag (even though I never left my own time zone) and getting back on top of work, I haven’t put together a comprehensive post on the awesomeness that was Dragon*Con. Until that time, you’ll just have to get on by looking at my pics over at Flickr.

Where I spent most of my time

Where I spent most of my time

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Creating a meta singularity at Dragon*Con

This blog post is being posted while sitting in a panel about blogging. I shall then tweet about blogging while watching a panel on blogging. Singularity shall ensue.

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DragonCon Report: Halfway Through Day 2

Is it really only the second day? I’ve absorbed more sensory input in one day here than in an entire month at home. My thumbs are getting sore from the twittering and blogging from my phone. I was planning on doing this great summary of all the panels I’d seen last night but I collapsed into a lovely bed provided by the Goddess’s cousin. I’m thinking that my best bet is to take notes and put together an epic post when I get back.

Right now I’m waiting for the next panel to begin, manned by the ever-awesome Skepchicks.


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CyberLizard*Con: Report 1.5

This is actually the second post I’ve written from my little niche in the hall. The WordPress iPhone app ate my first one. And since I can’t remember anything from five minutes ago, much less a whole blog post from hours ago, it is gone forever. And it was a damn fine post. It’s really a shame y’all had to miss it.

On to more important matters: CyberLizard*Con. Or, as they insist on calling it, Dragon*Con. Today has been a blast! I’ve spent most of the day on the Skeptrack, watching such skeptical luminaries as Phil Plait and Steve Novella. As a matter of fact, Steve is standing right in front of me as I type this. There is also a young lady in a green body suit and a thong. Sorry Dr. Novella, you were saying?

Even more cool than that is the awesomeness of the Skepchicks, all gathered in one place. Holy crap, it’s The Stig! What was I saying? Why, no, I’ve never heard of ADHD. Why do you ask?

This place is a sensory integration nightmare and panic-attack inducing for those with social anxiety. But I’m surviving. I got to hang out with one of my oldest blogging buddies, Perky Skeptic! And she does indeed speak with exclamation points and actual sqeeees. She’s fantastic fun to hang out with.

If today were all there was of Drag…er, CyberLizard*Con, then it still would have been worth the trip. And there are still three more days! I’ve got to go to some other panels, though. I haven’t done anything that wasn’t reality-based yet.

Oh, and I am totally wearing a costume next year. Leave your ideas in the comments.

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I have just returned from “A Full Moon for Cancer” Star Party put together by the awesome Masala Skeptic of the Skepchicks (@masalaskeptic) and the Atlanta Skeptics. Phil Plait (@BadAstronomer) and Pamela Gay (@starstryder) gave terrific talks. I spent the evening doing my best imitation of a wall while trying to contain my SQEEEE!!!!

I’m up way past my bedtime. Tomorrow Dragon*Con starts and I’ve got to get up bright and early to go get my badge. I’m tweeting my trip, so make sure you follow @CyberLizard.

More tomorrow; right now I’m pulling one of these:

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