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Carnival of the Godless for Aug. 23

I’m such a slacker. I completely forgot about the latest Carnival of the Godless, hosted by Radical Atheist. Go read it while I go hang my head in shame for being a bad blogger 😛


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122nd Carnival of the Godless

Welcome to the 122nd edition of the Carnival of the Godless, a collection of the absolute best writing in the atheist blogosphere*.

* the best writing that was submitted and that I picked to be showcased, anyway.

The internets is an overwhelming place. Finding content that is interesting, informative and entertaining can be a hit-or-miss affair. In the past, blog carnivals played an important role in the dissemination of information by providing a one stop shop on articles about a specific topic. That role seems to be diminishing as the blogosphere becomes more crowded and other forms of social media have achieved greater prominence. There’s a very good discussion about carnivals, the cause of their decline and what can be done to save them happening over at Atheist Revolution.

Personally, I love hosting carnivals. I’ll admit, as one of the smaller bloggers, I get a thrill out of seeing my hits spike when I host one. But a less selfish motivation is the sense of community that a carnival can bring. So on that note, I bring you a collection of atheist writers commenting on current events, the state of atheism, religion in general and whatever else tickles their godless fancy.

Sciency Goodness Godlessness

The atheist community is often represented by scientists. This makes perfect sense when you consider that science is the method for understanding the natural world and atheism is the rejection of the supernatural world (oversimplification, I know). The following writers show us how science and our ever increasing knowledge of how the universe operates inform their positions on atheism.

In the news recently was the appointment of Francis Collins as the director of the National Institutes of Health. This appointment raised some eyebrows. Collins is a geneticist and was head of the National Human Genome Research Institute, successfully leading the Human Genome Project to completion. He is also the author of a book entitled The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.

This is all background for Joel’s first grant application to the Collins NIH posted at Your religion is false. I’ve never submitted a grant application to the government, but I would imagine they are something like this.

With a terrific insight into both the amazing geology of the Grand Canyon and his own background,  (((Billy))) The Atheist shows us the poverty of a Young Earth viewpoint. I’ve never visited the Grand Canyon, but Billy’s piece moved me to make it a priority in my life to someday make the trip.

“Intelligent Design” is always a popular subject, with science finding new information every day to poke holes in the “theory”. At The Evolving Mind, Andrew Bernardin tells us how a study involving chromosomal abnormalities demonstrates Imperfect Design and Natural Abortions Galore.

Atheism, Activism, Awareness

One of the reasons that we even have blogs about atheism is that people are making the effort to stand up against the irrational bigotry against atheism. The following authors give us their insights into promoting atheism and participating in the efforts to spread the good news of not having any gods.

One technique that is used to shut down criticism of religion is wielding the club of “respect”. This club is often used to shut down discussion of the flaws in religion by claiming that we need to have the proper respect for religions and the religious. Yunshui lets us know what he thinks that R-E-S-P-E-C-T is all about over at at Right To Think. Unfortunately for us, we won’t be hearing much from Yunshui in the near future as he is leaving the blogoworld for the time being. Congrats on the arrival of Babyshui!

Blogs aren’t the only way to promote the atheistic viewpoint. Adrian Hayter gives us good tips on How To Be A Successful Atheist On Twitter posted at the aptly named blog, The Atheist Blogger. One tip I can add is not to insult the #jaffacakes. Oh, and follow @ah8r. And @CyberLizard. That last was not so much a tip as a command.

We atheists turn up in the most unusual places. Did you know that there are  Atheists in Mississippi? vjack tells us all about them at Mississippi Atheists.

In the world at large, being an atheist isn’t exactly the best way to make it to the top of the popularity charts. It can also be hazardous to your health. Jennifurret shares some of her family’s concerns for her well-being while out being an activist for atheism and her responses in  Apparently I’m in mortal peril posted at Blag Hag. She also has another interesting piece up about the nature of atheism on teh internets – Oh noes, atheists are taking over teh internets!!11!one!!.

Legal Battles

Not only are atheists discriminated against by individuals, there are significant efforts to either write anti-atheist bigotry into law or fight efforts to remove instances of it from current laws. Part of our goal  as atheist bloggers is to make the general public aware of these efforts and to encourage and promote the fair treatment of people of all beliefs, including those with no religious beliefs.

Not every country enjoys the protections of the USA’s Establishment clause ensconced in our Constitution. Not only are many countries lacking these protections, their governments are actively passing new laws based on religion, as M. Rundkvist shows us in Ireland and Lithuania Pass Old Testament Laws posted at Aardvarchaeology.

Here in the USA, we have the nominal protection offered by the Constitution. However, that doesn’t stop those who want to promote their own religious agenda over all others from trying to sneak their bigotry into our government. Why Atheists Object to Engraving “In God We Trust” on the Capitol Visitor Center posted at Atheist Revolution by vjack gives a good overview of exactly what this supposedly innocuous national motto really means and why it needs to be removed.

Personal Atheism

Atheism isn’t just a movement or a cause. It is also a part of who we are as unique individuals. There are a great number of misconceptions about atheism and atheists in general. It is important for us to share our own personal stories in an effort to show the world that we are not (all) baby-eating monsters.

Angela84 wants to share, in her words, “Just one person’s view on religion and atheism. Please add comments! Tell me what you think, or what you believe!” with her post LORD WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE! at ~angela’s random thoughts~. I would encourage you to pop over and welcome her to the fold.

Love makes the world go around. Or something like that. There’s no question that love is an incredible and powerful emotion. Some theists like to think that they have the love market cornered. Stephanie Zvan gives us several examples of  Atheists in Love posted at Quiche Moraine. *sniff* I love you guys! [/emo]

Religion in General

Sometimes our blogging leads us to point out the flaws in religion and religious thinking. It may come in the form of trying to reveal religion as the magical thinking it is, or it may be a post debunking the lies spouted by the creationist movement in their misguided efforts to discredit evolutionary theory. Even just recounting the historical facts of atrocities committed in the name of religion can promote our cause by countering the claims of the benefits of religion. These posts take on religion and religious thought.

Analogies are a useful tool to bring an otherwise incomprehensible idea into focus by framing it a situation or idea that we are familiar with. PhillyChief does a good job revealing the ridiculousness of the thought processes of religions in  Closed-minded? posted at You Made Me Say It….

I have run into the argument that everyone’s entitled to their opinion many times. This is another tool used to stifle criticism of religion. Staks talks about his own experiences with it and his response at Dangerous Talk.

A particularly nasty fight is being waged to bring creationism into our schools. The strategies of the creationists are often full of lies and misinformation. It is very important to counteract these lies by illuminating the truth. Eric Michael Johnson debunks the attempts to discredit Darwin in Darwin’s Connection to Nazi Eugenics Exposed posted at The Primate Diaries.

“Kill them all, let God sort them out.” I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase. Did you wonder where it came from? Turns out there’s a historical basis for it, as Jason shows us in 1209: Massacre of Beziers, “kill them all, let God sort them out” posted at Executed Today. Extremely disturbing story (as are most religious stories) that reveals just one of the more egregious examples of religion being used by men to dominate others.


Of course, we’re all really in it for the lulz. And by all I mean me. If there were a god, I would hope that it would deliver something like this: Dear Joe The Plumber… posted at “Gone Fishin’: Postcards From God”.

Many atheists are converts from various religions. A large number are former christians who have gone through the ritual know as baptism. Both for a bit of blasphemous fun and as a serious statement on their non-belief, some atheists are being de-baptised. In his post on debaptism at Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop and Tea Room, Dr. Jim encourages us to C’MON OUT, THE BLOWDRYER IS FINE!

And that’s the way it is. Thanks for all the terrific submissions. If I didn’t include yours, it was either spam, I hated it, or I just ran out of room. Keep up the great work in the atheist blogosphere!

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Carnival of the Godless #121 is up at State of Protest

I’m behind, I know. The latest Carnival of the Godless was up on 12 July over at State of Protest. But do you know what’s even better than that? The next COTG will be hosted by yours truly! You get to read the writings from the best of the atheist blogosphere on 26 July right here! So get those submissions in.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the current Carnival. Good stuff.



Carnival of The Godless 119 is out!

Carnival of the Godless

Carnival of the Godless

It’s over at The Sunny Skeptic. So why are you still here? Go check it out!


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Carnival of the Godless #118 is up!

Carnival of the Godless

Carnival of the Godless

Carnival of the Godless #118 is available for your perusal over at Right to Think. Hop on over and check out some of the great writing in the atheist blogosphere.


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113th Carnival of the Godless is out

It’s time again for your latest fixin’ of godless goodness. The 113th Carnival of the Godless is being hosted by Daylight Atheism. Go take a peek.

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108th Carnival of the Godless: New Years Edition

Here it is, a brand new revolution of the Earth around our star and a brand new edition of the Carnival of the Godless. For a lot of people, the new year represents a new beginning; a time to reminisce about the year past and ruminate on the next year before us. I, myself, am not immune to this and have been pondering what I can do to make this tiny mudball flying through space a better place during its next pass around Sol. One thing that I became acutely aware of in 2008 is the continued need for atheists to make our collective voices heard and ensure that our rights aren’t trampled under the feet (or attempted legislation) of the religious-right in their attempts to implement a theocracy in the name of democracy.

So here are some of your godless voices, crying out in the wilderness, trying to make the world a better place for you and me (did that sound too sappy? I thought it sounded sappy).

Following in that vein, Mark has an admonition for us all in the new year: It?s 2009…Get Real! posted at Proud Atheists.

Christmas Remembrances

Another Christmas has passed, apparently surviving the war that we atheists have waged upon it. In the aftermath of the latest skirmish, it’s a good time to reminisce on the good times and the true meaning of Christmas.

larryniven presents The Christmas follies posted at Rust Belt Philosophy, saying, “I guess it’s a bit late, but here’s some interesting claims about Christmas, made by the kind of Christians we typically pick fights with.”

Ponzo Simonetz presents ponzo reads the bible – war on christmas special posted at Open Threat, saying, “I suppose I shouldn’t have waited until Dec. 25 for this post, since everyone stops paying attention on Dec. 26. Regardless, I decided to do a “War on Christmas” entry in my “Ponzo Reads the Bible” series, in which I try to tie together the long tradition of winter solstice celebrations, what the Bible has to say (or not) on the matter, and the perennial right-wing tradition of complaining about it. I think it came off well. Maybe a bit late for Jan. 11, but you might think it worthy of notice.”

Why sure, Ponzo, I find it worthy of notice. I’m glad that someone is reading the bible, ’cause way too many people out there haven’t, yet proclaim to be supporting “biblical” principles.

Newbie Atheist presents The True Meaning Of Christ-mass posted at Last Trumpet Ministries, saying, “(Since it’s not actually a “blog”, this may not be appropriate for the carnival but have a look)

The True Meaning Of Christ-Mass

This is a bit late, but this post on an Evangelical Christian site is the most scathing attack on Christmas I’ve ever read. Bill O’Reilly should worry about these guys.”

There’s a lot of things that Bill-O needs to worry about.

Where religion has gone wrong

You know it; I know it. Religion has some serious flaws. Discussing those flaws, pointing out the inherent inaccuracies, contradictions and general delusions built into the very fabric of religion is a critical part of our godless journey. The following posts point out a number of the problem areas within and around religion.

Magdalune brings us A Child-Like Faith posted at Sowing Seeds in Winter. “Magdalune criticizes the assumption that a biblically-supported “child-like faith” should be the ideal.”
I like this next guy; nice and subtle. Kinda reminds me of me!

No More Mr. Nice Guy! presents The pope is a dope – NMMNG posted at No More Mr. Nice Guy!, saying, “The Vatican continues to show what a clueless, cobwebbed anachronism it is.”

vjack always has insightful things to say, as exemplified by his responses to Common Absurdities Atheists Hear From Christians posted at Atheist Revolution.

James presents What Must We Do To Be Saved? | posted at AnAtheist.Net, saying, “This post, written by a friend of mine, I feel is well researched, written in an engaging style, and most importantly, gets right to the heart of a major problem with Christianity.”

Barry Leiba presents One nation, under…? posted at Staring At Empty Pages

Ajita Kamal presents Nirmukta Exclusive: Interview with Daniel Dennett. posted at Nirmukta, saying, “I had the chance to interview the great Daniel Dennett, author of Breaking the Spell, Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.”

Atheist Optimism

That we atheists have hope and optimism often comes as a surprise to those unfamiliar with atheism in general. But godlessness ≠ hopelessness. Here are a couple of entries showing the more positive face of atheism.

Mike White presents A Humanistic Outlook posted at Life According to Mike White.

Tree Dreamer presents Beautiful Atheism posted at Tree Dreamer.

I really went back and forth about whether to include this next post. The guidelines for the carnival clearly state “The post you send in must be from a godless perspective…” and this post doesn’t quite come from the godless perspective. But then I figured that, since they went to all the trouble to submit it and bring it to our collective attention, we should read the post and let our love flow freely.

Ariel Bravy presents Spiritual Truth is Experiential, Not a Belief System | You Are Truly Loved posted at You Are Truly Loved.

Take a stab at it. Just because we’re godless doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. And don’t forget to do the thymus thump while you’re at it!

Current Events

Many events occur that are of direct interest to the godless community. Part of our job is to make sure that our opinions are known. Even if we don’t all agree, having a discussion about what’s going on in the world is invaluable.

Steve Snyder/SocraticGadfly presents Atheists sue over ‘so help me God’ – misinformed on Constitution posted at SocraticGadfly, saying, “My skeptical atheist’s take on Newdow/FFRF suing to stop the inaugural oath, invocation, etc.”

Michael Meadon presents God & Africa posted at Ionian Enchantment, saying, “A piece responding to a Times article suggesting that what Africa really needs is God.”

Atheist Movement

We are growing larger, louder and more obvious to the rest of the world. Talking about atheism as a movement, as a collection of individuals greater than the sum of its parts, can only be a good thing. Here are a couple of meta-discussions on atheism in general.

Greta Christina presents How Can Atheists Be Good Allies? posted at Greta Christina’s Blog, saying, “A couple weeks ago, I wrote a piece about how progressive, non- atheist groups can be good allies with the atheist movement. This is the flip side: How can atheists BE good allies?”

I always enjoy Ms. Christina’s writings and I especially enjoyed this series she did on atheists and allies.

Tree Dreamer presents On Befriending the Ex-Muslim posted at Tree Dreamer, saying, “Mathurine is a guest poster on my blog. I am submitting this on her behalf. The post is about atheists befriending and supporting ex-Muslims who are now agnostic and atheist.”

Dissecting Belief

A large part of our job as godless bloggers is to take apart and critically analyze the belief of others (and ourselves. Introspection is good!). Sometimes that means scientifically breaking down an argument and pointing out its logical flaws. Other times it just means a good rant.

Andrew Bernardin presents A Supernatural Assumption posted at The Evolving Mind.

Tom Stelene presents Prager Smears Secularism posted at The Imaginary Philosophy.

Roast Beef Vag presents Attention Monster Families!!! posted at Roast Beef Vag.

As a computer programmer by profession, this next post struck me as quite beautiful
Brian Jay Stanley
presents The Atheism of Computers posted at Aphorisms and Paradoxes.

And to sum up the past year, Ron Gold presents The 2008 Invisible Pink Unicorn Awards posted at The Invisible Pink Unicorn

I hope you enjoyed this New Year’s journey through the world of the godless. It has been my great pleasure to host this event and to be exposed to a number of bloggers that I hadn’t read before, as well as some old favorites. Please make sure they know that their efforts are appreciated by visiting the links and leaving a comment. Even if you don’t agree, commenting and discussion are vital parts of the blogosphere and your participation as a reader is critical.


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Time is running out for the godless

At least, time is running out to make your submissions for the 108th Carnival of the Godless! Get those submissions in by Friday so that I can spend Saturday compiling all your entries into what will be the most amazing COTG yet!

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The 108th Carnival of the Godless is coming!

Yours truly, the CyberLizard, has the honor of hosting the 108th Carnival of the Godless on 11 January 2009. Now is the time to get your submissions in.

The new year is traditionally a time for making resolutions about what you intend to do over the coming year. So what are your atheistic resolutions for 2009? Are you coming out this year? Do you resolve to let your family know about your godlessness? Are you resolved to finally let those three midgets that you’ve been keeping in your basement free? Or is that just me?

Anyway, check out the carnival guidelines and make your submissions. Don’t miss out on the fabulous 108th Carnival of the Godless!

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Carnival Time!

I’ve been lazy busy lately and haven’t entertained y’all for a while.  The Carnival of the Godless #105 will help tide you over.


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