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Profound Absurdity

I left this comment on my friend Tall Penguin’s blog in response to her musings on the absurd nature of her life:

Absurdity and over-the-top awesomeness seem to be major themes in my life right now, while simultaneously being incredibly profound and meaningful. All that stardust coalescing over billions of years has led to this? How fantastically absurd and amazing! I can honestly say that I love my life ūüėÄ

I don’t usually go on in great detail about my personal life here. I’m much more comfortable snarking at the religiotards or railing against stupidity. But sometimes I will stop, take a hard look at my life and say, “You know what? Life is pretty fan-fucking-tastic! How in the hell did I end up here?!” Where ‘here’ is this astounding place where I am loved and where I love.

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I totally want to go to this conference!

Greta Christina has released the schedule for the Very Big Atheist Conference of 2011 and it looks AWESOME!

The schedule for the Very Big Atheist Conference of 2011 has been finalized! There are some very exciting sessions planned, and some of your favorite atheist bloggers, writers, and activists will be there — so be sure to get your tickets early!

I mean, just look at the first day’s lineup!


Coexist1:00 PM
Why Are Atheists Bothering to Have a Conference to Talk About What They Don’t Believe In?
Concerned Ecumenicalist Interfaith Council
(attendance optional)

Hemant Mehta2:15 PM
Maintaining a Rep as a Good-Natured Teddy Bear While Delivering Lethal Smackdowns to Theists
Hemant Mehta, “Friendly” Atheist

Narwhals3:30 PM
How to Get the Narwhal Song Unstuck From Your Head When PZ Mentions It For the Twentieth Time
Pharyngulite Hordes

Cracker6:00 PM
Cheese and “Crackers”
Sponsored by PZ Myers

I am soooooo registering! It’s gonna be a blast!

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I am having a geekgasm!

[UPDATE: LEGOLand Florida to open at the end of 2011]

Ho. Ly. Crap. My wildest dreams are about to come true! No, not the ones about Kathy Ireland, the jell-o tub and penguins. This is even better!

Cypress Gardens to Become Legoland Florida

Just as a reminder, in case the significance of this isn’t immediately apparent: I live in Florida. That’s right, biatches, I is getting my own LEGOLand!!!!!111!!11!eleventyone!!1

LEGO dragon at Florida LEGO store

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Ahem. Now that I’ve gotten your attention (and I know I made y’all look), let me explain. Very few people can claim to not like boobies. Men and women both generally appreciate a nice rack. At least the men and women I hang out with do. YMMV.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, boobies. Boobies are a precious commodity that deserve to be preserved and kept at their peak operational condition. Unfortunately, that bitch breast cancer doesn’t want us to enjoy boobies. She takes twisted pleasure in destroying lives one boob at a time. I’m¬†anthropomorphizing, but you get the idea. Everyone likes boobies; no one likes breast cancer.


So let’s do something about it. There are already a great number of organizations out there fighting the good fight to save those precious boobies. Doctors and scientists and fundraisers are all working hard so that every teenage boy or girl gets a chance to cop that first feel while awkwardly making out with that cutie that they finally got up the courage to ask out on a date.

boobiewednesdayLet’s help those organizations out. Let’s raise awareness of breast cancer. Let’s raise money to fight breast cancer. And the best way I can think to do that is to follow the example of the lovely @boobiewed, @shimmer418 and @honey_is_evil and show our boobies! Everyone should participate in Boobie Wednesday(#boobiewed) by changing their avatar or profile pic to a nice set of boobies. It doesn’t have to be graphic; a tasteful shot of cleavage will do. And don’t leave the men out; we want to see moobs too! Men can get breast cancer too.



Educate yourself on what breast cancer is. Go to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ( and check out their “How To Help” section.

The point is to draw attention to the cause. And also to raise money. So visit sites of organizations working hard to save boobies, like NBCF andKomen for the Cure. Unfortunately I just missed the 2009 Boobiethon, but it’s never too early to start getting ready for next year! And please stop by the official¬†Boobie Wednesday store where all profits will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Take action. Show your boobies. Because a nice rack is a terrible thing to waste.

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Be careful what you wish for

Especially when you’re bored on Twitter.

Since my tweeple were being boring, I tweeted this to get a little action going:



You tweeple are being boring this afternoon. Spice it up a little. Throw in some cross-dressing midget pole-dancing or something. C’mon!

Wouldn’t you know it, my good buddy @RelUnrelated came through with the following video. All I can say is, enjoy!

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Totally WTF (but watch it anyway because it’s awesome)

Um… just… yeah… That’s all I got. I sooooo hope this is coming out on the Wii.

Brought to you via Chris Hardwick, Nerdist

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Why am I popular? From fundies to sex with water fowl

One of the really cool things about blogging (at least for a data junkie like me) is that there are all kinds of statistics and graphs that get generated about the blog and it’s visitors. Not Big Brother stuff, just abstract stuff like “how many”, “from where” and, most amusingly, “for what”. Here are the top searches that led people to this site just yesterday:

rick mathes
fuck a duck
jews ruin the world
horse ass
“gardens are not allowed”

I love it! Although I’m not exactly sure what the person looking for “horse ass” was after. Now excuse me while I go fuck a duck (because it’s still just that awesome)

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CreoZerg rush!

I know, I’m slacking, I’m behind the curve, but this promises to be one of the greates sources of lulz since, well, since Jesus rode into town on a triceratops.

Get on Twitter and follow #creozerg for moar lulz.

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Be Cool: See the Forefathers on Saturday

A bit short notice, but I just got the email:

Come join the The Forefathers this Saturday, July 25th, for the “Christmas in July”¬†event at Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse

Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse was recently reviewed (quite positively!) by the Orlando Sentinel

Seven Sister’s Coffeehouse is located at 911 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803 (just North of Marks St.)

The Forefathers will be performing Holiday Music and the band’s own originals (some featured on National Public Radio) from 7-9PM.¬† The event starts at 5PM.

Really good music, really good coffee, really good people. If you’re near O-town, I encourage you to check it out.

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The internets get crazier every day

There is all kinds of weird shit out there on teh intertubes. Two girls, one cup. One man, one jar. BTW, if you don’t know what those mean, DO NOT google them. Seriously, you’re better off not knowing. See, you shouldn’t have googled it. I warned you.

Anyway, this morning I saw probably the weirdest (read “awesomest”) use of the net I have yet seen. It started over at Almost Diamonds. Then it spread. If you’ve got a short attention span, or a really slow internet connection (you’re not still on dialup, are you? If so, please join us in the 21st century) you can get the synopsis at Pharyngula.

Modern-day electronic fairy tale dreams do come true

Modern-day electronic fairy tale dreams do come true

Jason, you’re one lucky dude. Or canuck. Whatever. Congrats!

Jodi, how awesome are you for conceiving and setting up a modern-day romantic adventure across the web.

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