Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

  • Oof. Being up till 3 with a kidney stone makes one tired the next day. Just got out of bed! #
  • It's not even 2pm and I've already cleaned the family room, got all the kids toys out of downstairs, swept, mopped and made lunch. #
  • Something must be wrong with me. #
  • All I have left is to mop the kitchen, clear off the counters of all the crap and put away the camping and xmas stuff. #
  • For those whom this impacts: don't get used to this! #
  • And, yes, I am well aware that it is months past xmas; don't judge me. Or, judge me then go fuck yourself ;-) #
  • And if you're wondering why I'm tweeting instead of working, I'm eating the sandwich I made myself 2 hours ago and promptly forgot about. #
  • I'm making a pile of shit called "someone do something with this shit because if it were up to me I'd throw it all away" #
  • I've thrown it all away before: important documents, expensive electronics, small children & pets, all thrown away. Wifey was not happy. #
  • Ok, once more into the breach. #
  • One thing I like about cleaning is my tools. This is my broom, made by hand by a master broom-maker. #
  • You can tell we're American; the dirtiest parts of the floor are in front of the refrigerator and in front of the sofa. #
  • Showing the kiddos the original Karate Kid. We'll see if it can hold up to the remake. #
  • Turkey's watching the original Karate Kid. His comment was, "nice music". :-D #
  • Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything. #
  • If only it were that easy to get a vasectomy #
  • This bad boy is gorgeous. I can only dream of building #LEGO this well. #
  • Fuck. Kidney stone was only in hiding. Like the Millennium Falcon in Empire. Unfortunately it didn't get jettisoned with the trash & is back #
  • I hate having to reboot my stoopid windows box at work. #pointlesstweet #
  • Why aren't there more laser-based weapons out there? Is the power efficiency just too prohibitive? Too fragile? #weirdthoughts #
  • Do they attenuate too rapidly in the air to deliver significant amounts of energy over a distance? #
  • Everything that comes out of your mouth is scary wrong. RT @SarahPalinUSA: Obama's so wrong on energy/scary wrong on oil;… #
  • Fuckity fuck fuck. They're initiating a password change policy for our computers @ work. Every 60 days. :-P #
  • So that's now 3 different passwords I use on a daily basis that now force changes: domain, exchange, iseries. #
  • Why is it that journos have no problem asking questions about Quadaffi's sanity yet are mum when Bachman, Palin, Beck, et al speak? #
  • *sigh* Blogging about politics again. I couldn't help myself. #
  • I've got all three stars and a feather on every level. #angrybirds needs an update!! #
  • Kids should not be allowed on the team their parent coaches. It's distracting to the coach when the kid's a whiny brat. :-P #
  • At the batting cages for the turkey's baseball practice. Giving advice like I know what I'm talking about ;-) #
  • Happy birthday to my favorite Canuckistanian grape grower @pixelsnake! :-D #
  • BREAKING:New Documents revealed- Government thinks it can arrest you for sharing YouTube videos: via @demandprogress #
  • Busy CyberLizard is busy too :-P RT @Mrs_Skwirl42: Busy Sophie is busy. in reply to Mrs_Skwirl42 #
  • It's Porktober 8th! Head into Seaside Town and do some Trick or Treating! #KoL #
  • Getting excited about Frolicon coming up, in more ways than one >;-) #
  • If I lived in the Bay area I would totally do this: Sex Positive Photo Project #
  • Lesser publicized victims of the Japan quake: the otaku #
  • As she said: RT @WordMistressKiz If you only follow one person, follow @CyberLizard #FF #notreally #
  • Dear App That's Thrashing My Harddrive: CUT THAT SHIT OUT! I'd like to use my computer sometime this year! >:-P #
  • Man, what's on the schedule for next Wednesday? I wanna do this! #
  • .@SarahPalinUSA Idiot. US produces 2% of world oil. Drill baby drill will destroy enviro w/o doing a damn thing to prices. Moron. in reply to SarahPalinUSA #
  • Just realized that Megacon is the same weekend as Atlanta Poly Weekend. No Megacon. Oh, well. I had too much on my plate this month anyway. #
  • The dog just farted in her sleep. How can something so small make such a horrible smell?! #
  • VERY kickass! RT@Joreth: One of my fav. songs by fav artist @GeorgeHrab now has a KICKASS video: #fb #
  • Explosion @ Japanese nuclear plant. Someone must have said it couldn't get any worse :-( #
  • This is the kind of pareidolia I can get behind! /via @panotes #
  • Dude! @peeweeherman is on @waitwait! #

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