Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-06

  • Giant peanut! #
  • You, too, can experience the thrill of the giant peanut! #
  • I'm back in the nation's wang. W00t. 😛 #
  • The only mood-altering drug I need is good porn. #myphilosophyoflife #
  • If I'm not in over my head I'm not learning anything. #myphilosophyoflife #
  • Billboards on the highway for hotels that show adorable sleeping puppies are cheating. #
  • Who is this Oscar person? #
  • Heartburn, make like a tree and get the hell out of my chest. #
  • I pretty much agree, though he left out the Mighty Eagle. I'm still on the fence on this one. #
  • This->The gender smörgåsbord #
  • What could be better than Doctor Who + LEGO? #
  • In case you had any doubts about how fucked up, #antisex #antiwoman Catholic dogma is: #fb #
  • How is it that so many stupid people work for software companies? #
  • When poop puns meet space puns: #
  • I completely forgot to show y'all my new Docs! #
  • Feces are impacting against rotating air circulation devices here at work. I'm just laughing & pointing at the ppl in the splash zone #
  • At another big fat Greek birthday party at a (sorta) Greek restaurant. A wee bit noisy. Big surprise 😉 #
  • Very cool! RT @mari_ness: I'm the featured poet in this month's Ideomancer, with interview and three poems: #
  • What she said–> RT @Mrs_Skwirl42: Slept, kinda. Awake, sorta. Grumpy, lotsa. #
  • I have determined that I suck at Alice's Army as much as I do at CCGs IRL #KoL #
  • What she said–> RT @pervocracy: New post! "Good, Giving, Game." Dan Savage… not really takedown, but commentary. #
  • Not sure of the new iPhone @twitter app update. Autocomplete is great but the trending bar that keeps popping up is annoying as fuck. #
  • I really like Rage Against The Machine. #pointlesstweet #
  • RT @pervocracy: New post! Probably better thought out then the last one! "Face beyond beauty." #
  • At the Turkey's first real game! #
  • I totally could have been a tyrannical dictator except for the whole being a slacker thing. #
  • All in all it's a fair trade off. Being a dictator is nothing but work, work, work. Don't let the glamour of Kim Jong Il fool you. #
  • Baseball is booooooring. There. I said it. #
  • A parent just shouted, "Get a run and I'll give you a hundred dollars!" I'm hoping this was done in just. #
  • Jonesing for an #angrybirds update #
  • Black handkerchief, back left pocket. Any significance? #
  • I love ice cream sandwiches. #pointlesstweet #
  • Game over. Now we're going to Hot Dog Heaven for lunchie-munchies 🙂 #
  • I still love my Doc's #pointlesstweet #
  • My wife's grandmother is crazy. "I can't go shopping, I heard on Fox that the orientals are blowing up the dams." What is she hearing?! #
  • My son just told me he's sick of my stupid "your mom" jokes. I told him that his mom was sick of my stupid jokes. #
  • Everybody wants some #
  • Oh. Em. Gee. #
  • I would SO have fun with this! #dragonage #
  • I made it out of the comic book store without buying anything. Undecided if that's a good thing or not. #
  • #iftwitterwashighschool I'd be a total freaking rock star from Mars #
  • How painful are eyebrow piercings? Like on a scale from 1 to OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO DIE! #

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    I see you are very careful to hide your identity. That makes you a CYBERCOCKROACH asshole!

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